Mario Pizza&Pasta - absolutely new establishment, located in the center of Adazi. Here you can enjoy Italian dishes at a very good price. Wood-burning stove from Italy - the pride of this place, mostly because of it pizzas turn out to be so tasty. Italian flour and homemade Marinara sauce from a local pizza maker are also doing their bit. Selection of pastas is amazing, but don't deprive of attention soups and salads from the chef.

The windows of our restaurant overlook a magnificent view, even more captivating in the evening, with the highlighted fountain. There you can see a massive stone figure of a pizza maker at work. The view of the lake creates radiant ambiance inside the restaurant, filling it with light, while a timber interior provides you with a sense of comfort and harmony with nature. You can always find your menu pasted in the table top, which is very convenient and helps to maintain cleanliness.

We use the best ingridients, we do not try to save money on them. Quality - the key to success. We focus on seemingly simple and classic recipes. However, every meal solution reveals a proficient approach and a certain secret, such as unique sauce or a surprising choice of spices. Our guests will also be delighted by the selection of drinks and their price. Now you don't have to travel to Italy every time you look for genuine pizza - find it at Mario's!